Huge Mako Shark Leaps Onto Fishing Boat In New Zealand

You never quite know what you’re going to catch when you go out fishing.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of having your line in the water and not catching anything, but that wasn’t the case for a group of fishermen in New Zealand.

Photo: TikTok/@churchyschartersnz

According to, Ryan Churches, who owns Churchys Charters NZ, was there first hand to see the amazing moment when a Mako shark jumped onto the bow of the boat and stayed there.

He was able to share a video of the moment on TikTok, and fishermen around the world are now wondering whether they should go back out in the water again.

Photo: TikTok/@churchyschartersnz

According to the New Zealand Herald, Churches said they were out fishing for kingfish when the Mako shark decided to bite the bait.

After being hooked, he got a little disoriented and jumped up onto the bow of the boat. Churches was warning everyone on board that the shark was not happy and they should stay away.

Photo: TikTok/@churchyschartersnz

In the video, you can see the shark thrashing about on the bow of the boat while everyone on board was wondering what there was going to do about it. Even though the video doesn’t show it, Churches later said to the New Zealand Herald that it got away.

Churches also spoke to the newspaper, saying that the customers on board were “counting their blessings he didn’t land on the back of the boat.” He tends to agree, saying that it would’ve been a wildly different story if he would’ve landed back with the fisherman.

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