Maine Coon Cat Reluctantly Braves The Water And Swims To Her Owner

One of the things that we know about cats is the fact that they don’t like water. Another thing that we know about cats is they love their humans, so where do they draw the line?

It seems as if a Maine Coon cat is showing us the line and doing so in an adorable way.

Photo: YouTube/The Explorer Cat

Even though she may not love the water, the feline loves her human and will do anything to be by her side.

If you are familiar with the Maine Coon cat breed, they are one of the largest.

Photo: YouTube/The Explorer Cat

According to the ASPCA, the cats are often found on the East Coast of the United States, particularly in the Northeast, and they are an affectionate breed that can adapt to many different situations.

This cat adapted to her situation because she was ready to jump in and brave the water to be with her human. Brave is, indeed, the word because she went deep to do so.

Photo: YouTube/The Explorer Cat

As we watch these two together in the water, we can see the love and trust between them. It’s evident, but it becomes even more evident as the cat steps off the rock and begins the trip through the water.

If you are ready to see something adorable today, this video will be everything you need. It shows the love between a cat and the human caring for her.

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