Maine Coon Cat Caught Adjusting The Thermostat In Viral Video

Cats are curious animals and do as they please. Many see themselves as the ruler of the home and make whatever adjustments they deem necessary to make it as comfortable as possible.

This includes curling up on your computer keyboard as you are working, stealing the dog’s bed because it is bigger, and even adjusting the temperature to their liking.

Photo: Pixabay/Anna Sulencka

One cat dad couldn’t believe what he was seeing when his Maine Coon cat named Babbs perched itself on the back of a chair and reached with its paw to adjust the thermostat.

The intelligent feline managed to lower the temperature in the apartment by a few degrees and it was captured on video.

The video was shared on TikTok with the caption, “Didn’t know cad dads had to worry about someone messing with the AC…”

Viewers were impressed and found the incident hilarious. Many commented what they thought Babbs was thinking. One said, “Can’t you see I’m wearing a fur coat!! Turn the thermostat down… no?… I’ll do it myself!!”

Another added, “Cat: ‘Since I don’t pay my vet bills I am certainly not going to pay the heating/cooling bills either. Let’s cool this place off’.”

Babbs took a brief pause in the video to listen and look at the vent to see if the air had kicked on. Wow, that is one smart cat.

Children often blame things on the dog or cat but there may be some truth in what they are saying.

A mom wrote, “I will definitely believe my son when he says the cat did it…”

There is no need for a television when you have a cat. They provide endless entertainment without even trying.

Check out the video below and don’t forget to share!

@babbsthecat Didn’t know cad dads had to worry about someone messing with the AC…#catsoftiktok #cat #pets #catskills #catdad #pleasedont #babbsthecat ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

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