Woman Took in a Magpie, and It Became Part of Her Family Until This Happened

Pursuing a life dedicated to rescuing animals and giving them homes can give you indescribable fulfillment. The experience is much more exceptional when you have built a connection with that animal. You became each other’s family despite being different species. There’s understanding and love between the both of you — developing into an attachment. The house becomes homier whenever they’re around, and happiness exists wherever they go. Those unexpected connections are even more special. Proof of that is the relationship between a magpie named Ziggy and the family that adopted her.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Savannah’s love for animals has motivated her to establish a sanctuary for those who need a home. She had already rescued sheep, and they are safe on their family farm. The flock of sheep were at the top of her priority list. Aside from sheep, one animal has created a magical connection with her and her family. Life wonderfully led them to a magpie, which they named Ziggy. The wild bird was found on a highway and was supposed to be brought to another rescue center. However, the place already had too much on their hands — making way for Savannah and Ziggy to meet.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“She got fed quite a lot. I loved feeding her, she’d do her little crying for more. She would just sleep on your shoulder,” Savannah shared. Ziggy has been free-roaming around the farm and inside the family home. The bird would often serenade them with morning tunes, which became a thing in their place. Although a wild bird, Savannah explained that magpies are playful birds, making Ziggy sociable towards humans. The magpie loves their company, but they never restrict her. They decided to let Ziggy enjoy the outdoors so she could still keep in touch with her natural instincts.

Ziggy had learned how magpies survive outdoors, and seeing her having the best time of her life was beautiful. With her lovely personality, Ziggy also captured the hearts of the resident flock of sheep. “Ziggy would follow the sheep around. We’re like, ‘Oh, where’s Ziggy?’ And we go to the sheep, and Ziggy’s just packing around with the sheep. That was really a cute thing to see, that they kind of bonded like that,” Savannah explained. During her stay, Ziggy has already memorized her routine on the farm — she knows where she’s fed and where she’ll go everyday. Anyone can tell that the family has definitely showered the magpie with so much affection.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

However, like any other bird, magpies freedom and a family of their own. One day, after a few months of her stay on the farm, Ziggy suddenly disappeared. Savannah’s mother mentioned that they live nearby a forest, so it would be difficult to find her. It was heartbreaking for the family, but they only hoped that Ziggy was okay. Her flight toward her chosen life was inevitable. Still, there’s a chance that she might come back and say hello to her favorite humans. Ziggy might have found a mate and is happily living with her family. Thankfully, Savannah took her in, because it gave the magpie a chance to explore life once more.

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