Orphaned Magpie Forms Unlikely Friendship With Two Friendly Staffies

We often hear that birds of a feather flock together and perhaps we may even believe that is true. This is especially true in the animal kingdom when animals of the same type tend to bond with each other.

There’s also a saying about strange bedfellows, and this is about two different types of individuals that may be opposites, but they still get along quite nicely. Something similar happened with a magpie that formed an unusual friendship with a Bull Terrier (Peggy), and her pup (Ruby).

Peggy met the magpie, named Molly, two years ago. The humans in their lives, Juliette Wells and Reece, shared on Instagram that they found the baby bird when visiting the dog park. This was during magpie breeding season, and they saw the bird wandering about. They waited but the parents never came back.

Now that they knew Molly was in need, they took the magpie home and called a wildlife rescue. None of the rescues were able to take in the bird so they decided to take care of Molly with the help of some friends who ran an animal rescue.

Molly ended up bonding with the family and she did want to leave, even when it was time to go. Peggy didn’t know how to handle having the bird in the house but she didn’t have to worry for long, because Molly began to form a friendship with the dogs in the house.

They form a nice family but there are some difficulties that occur from time to time. For example, Peggy does protect Ruby, and if it’s mating season, Molly gets a little aggressive.

Juliette and Reece do what they can to give everyone the space that they need in the home. Molly even has access to the outdoors so that she can be with other birds whenever she wants.

You can see them and what they are up to on their Instagram account.

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