Photographer Spends 3 Years Filming Macro Timelapse Of Growing Fungi

When you think of mushrooms, what comes to mind? Probably for a lot of people it’s “pizza topper” or something along the lines of food.

It’s probably one specific kind of mushroom as well. But, as we all know, there are so many different species of mushrooms, and they all look incredibly different to one another.

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

A great way to compare them, is to watch a time lapse video of mushrooms growing. It’s truly a fascinating watch.

Mushrooms are fungi, and most of the time, we don’t really think there can be beauty in something like fungus. But this magnificent macro timelapse footage definitely proves otherwise.

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

The video was captured by Jens Heidler, a photographer with Another Perspective.

It took Heidler 1,000 days to capture all the footage of the thirteen species of mushrooms as well as other fungi – all of which were grown down in Heidler’s own basement. The footage itself was filmed using equipment that was humidity-proof.

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

As Heidler explained in the video, “After three years of filming macro time lapse of 13 different types of fungi I grew in my basement, I finally finished this project pressing tons of image data into a 3 minute time lapse video.”

Check out the time lapse video down below:

How fascinating is that? Do you enjoy watching time lapsed videos? What’s the coolest one you’ve ever seen? Let us know!

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