Macro Photographer Captures Tiny Tadpole Growing Into A Frog

Growing up, I lived in the Pacific Northwest where even summers not got very warm. Despite that, my siblings and I begged our mom for a plastic swimming pool for the yard and were so excited when it finally arrived!

Of course, it didn’t get much use with swimming because it was always so cold. But it did serve another purpose: a breeding ground for tadpoles and mosquitos!

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

Being the little budding scientists that we were, my siblings and I lived to just sit by the pool and watch the tadpoles swimming around. Getting to see the changes from week to week as the tadpoles slowly transformed into frogs was really special.

Of course, it was impossible to see those changes happening in real time but we’d notice subtle changes week by week. Thanks to photographer Jens Heidler of Another Perspective, however, it’s now possible to actually see a tadpole growing into a frog thanks to incredible macro footage she captured!

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

In the video, taken at 100:1 magnification, Heidler filmed the tadpoles’ changes. You can watch as they develop bones, cells, skin, and you can even see the blood that runs through their veins!

It’s really incredible to witness.

Photo: YouTube/Another Perspective

Heidler wrote in the video’s description: “Never seen before Footage of a Tadpole! In this extreme macro frog video you can see the blood flow of a living frog. As the tail is translucent it is possible to even film the moving blood cells inside the frog veins. Filming living animals at this crazy high magnification is quite difficult, but that’s the reason I do this: Discover new perspectives we have never seen before.”

Check out the incredible video below:

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