Saying Goodbye To The 2-Legged Dog That Inspired The World

The courageous canine, Faith, has passed away after living a very full life of 12 years.

According to The Ardmoreite, Faith came from humble beginnings nearly dying her first day on earth.

Photo: YouTube/Bondi Vet

Due to her multiple congenital disorders, Faith was born with only two healthy back legs. Vets suggested she be euthanized, but instead of listening, the Stringfellow Family took action.

In shifts, they nursed and nurtured her back to health. Over the course of 6 months, they taught her to walk by encouraging her to follow peanut butter on a spoon.

Photo: YouTube/Bondi Vet

Soon, she was hopping around instead of crawling. And by 7 months old, she was able to run and play with the other dogs with all the energy and vigor of a “normal” dog!

It was truly incredible. Check out the video below:

According to Oklahoma News 4, Faith went on to work with the US Military and was given a non-commission rank of E5 Sgt in 2006. During her time working, she visited more than 2,000,000 soldiers throughout the world at active bases and 2,300 wounded soldiers.

Her life inspired not only soldiers, but citizens alike with appearances on the Opera show, Stars and Stripes, Montel Williams, Maury, Ricki Lake, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Nova, Animal Planet, Discovery, and The Early Show, and she did it all while missing two front legs.

Photo: YouTube/Bondi Vet

This one-of-a-kind hero lived a life fuller than that of many people bringing joy to the masses. She will be missed greatly.

See more of Faith in the video below:

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