Abandoned Monkey Loses Family and Then Finds Forever Home

This is a story about a monkey named Boo. He was owned by a family in Las Vegas before being surrendered.

It was legal in Las Vegas to own monkeys, but this family did not take proper care of him. When he was surrendered, he landed at a nonprofit, and they changed his life.

Photo: YouTube / Geobeats Animals

Boo is described as being a very handsome monkey, and when you see him, you can’t help but agree. They even described him as being the ‘Brad Pitt of monkeys.’

Something else that this incredible monkey has going for him is a personality that is larger than life. You only have to be with him for a few minutes to understand what he brings to the table.

When Boo first came to the rescue, he had to stay in quarantine for 30 days. This is due to the fact that he came from another state and the CDC has guidelines.

His rescuers would take care of him with masks and gloves. I’m sure that he thought they were from another planet.

Photo: YouTube / Geobeats Animals

After he was able to enter the general population, they couldn’t help but recognize how much he looked like Eddie Munster. It’s also noteworthy that Boo was neutered, which is something they do regularly to male monkeys.

Although he is neutered, he still seems very masculine. The other monkeys, however, don’t always give him the respect he deserves. That is why he would rather hang out with humans.

At this point, they are trying to get him a best friend and even find him a girl best friend. They laugh and say that they think he feels girls have cooties.

Boo is around 14 years old, and these monkeys can live to be up to 40 years old. He can’t go to a zoo, because he doesn’t have paperwork to prove he’s 100% pure.

That is why the rescue will just have to love him for what he is, and that is a ‘complicated, beautiful beating heart.’

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