Love Bug Freddie Is ALWAYS Up for Some Pets and Affection from Humans

Meet adorable 8-month-old Freddie! This handsome boy is a big love bug and very friendly! He’s said to be completely chill and relaxed, yet Freddie is ALWAYS up for some pets and lovin’ from his humans. He’s always up for fun, too, so it’s not unusual to find this active boy playing by himself with some of his toys, with other resident kitties, or with his people. He just likes to play, period, but that’s understandable at his young age.

adoptable tabby cat
Photo: SACatRescue

Purring Machine

Another thing you can always count on Freddie for is he’s always purring, whether he’s getting love or playing, and it’s absolutely adorable to hear that motorboat running! With his gorgeous tabby coat and large gold-green eyes, he’s ready to bring a lot of love and good looks to his future forever family!

To date, Freddie has done very well with the resident kitties in his foster home. So, if you already have a kitty or two, you have nothing to worry about where Freddie is concerned. If anything, he’d be jazzed to have a playmate. He hasn’t been around dogs yet, but could likely adapt quite well to those that are friendly and respectful with a monitored introduction. As far as children, this young gentleman would be great with kids, too!

tabby cat
Photo: SACatRescue

Adoptable Cats

Freddie is neutered, current on his vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, and has tested negative for FIV/FeLV. He has no special needs and has been house-trained. All this sweet boy wants — and deserves — is a forever family or person of his own. Could that be you? If so, please fill out the adoption application on the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue website.

adoptable tabby cat
Photo: SACatRescue

Tabby Cat Insights

Not sure if a tabby cat is right for you? These cats are considered affectionate and extremely intelligent animals. They generally love cuddles and lots of attention, but tabbies can get fairly rambunctious if they don’t get their way. Not shy, they’ll notify you if they are bored, unhappy, pleased, or feel like playing. They will also watch you like a myna bird and emulate your every move if it catches their attention, so keep in mind that they’re known for being very curious and capable.

They are said to thrive on being around their human families and other cats or dogs living in their space. Sound like the cat for your bustling home? Millions of other tabby cat owners and fanciers would agree with you!

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