Sailor And Dog Rescued After Three Months At Sea

When Tim Shaddock set sail with his dog, Bella, he had no idea that he was about to become an international sensation.

According to the BBC, Shaddock is originally from Sydney, Australia, but they were setting sail from Mexico and heading for French Polynesia.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

That was back in April. Unfortunately, just a few weeks into the trip, a storm damaged their boat and left them adrift at sea.

AP News reports that the 54-year-old sailor started out with a well-provisioned boat, but the storm knocked out his electronics, including his ability to cook.

Without being able to navigate or cook, Shaddock and Bella drifted for nearly three months. They ate raw fish and drank rainwater to survive.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

“There were many, many, many bad days and many good days,” he said, according to AP News. “The energy, the fatigue, is the hardest part.

During the three months, he did his best to stay positive and busy. He worked on fixing things, swimming, and hanging out with Bella.

Amazingly, a tuna boat ended up spotting Shaddock’s boat and came to the rescue! Considering the time they spent at sea, Shaddock and Bella were both in fairly good health. Shaddock is incredibly grateful to be alive.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

AP News explained that Shaddock initially found Bella in Mexico, and the dog refused to leave him alone. She kept following him onto the water, so he eventually caved in and decided to keep her.

The bond they share after all that time lost at sea is something no one can replace. However, Shaddock plans to return to Australia soon to see his family, and Bella can’t come back with him. Shaddock has appointed a member of the boat crew that rescued him to adopt her.

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