Clever Runaway Parrot Uses His Voice To Find His Way Back Home

Looking for a lost pet can feel devastating. The bond we share with our pets is unmatched, and knowing they might be out there somewhere without us is heartbreaking.

One pet owner who knows this all to well is a man named Brent Chadwell. He lives in Cape Coral, Florida with his beloved Solomon Island Eclectus parrot named Tiki.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 SWFL

According to NBC-2 News Brent’s girlfriend unfortunately left the backdoor of the house open and Tiki managed to escape.

The couple began frantically searching for Tiki, and shared photos of the bird on social media in hopes of being reunited.

Photo: Facebook/Brent Chadwell

After a few days of freedom it seems that Tiki had enough and was ready to go home. As shared by NBC-2 News, the clever bird showed up at the home of Reed Schweizer and began talking!

Reed recalled, “All of a sudden, I hear from behind me, ‘Peak a boo.’ With a cocktail in my hand, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Birds don’t talk.’ Then I hear it again. I hear ‘Peak a boo!’ again.”

Photo: YouTube/ABC7 SWFL

It seems the bird was trying to get the man’s attention and it worked! Reed happened to have a relative over who was a veterinarian. They were able to secure the bird and start asking around to see if anyone was missing a pet.

Reed shared a photo of the bird on Instagram, saying: “This bird just rolled up and started talking. Please share. This is someone’s pet.”

Amazingly, within minutes of posting Tiki’s photos online, Brent saw his beloved pet and was able to contact Reed and reunite with the bird.

Brent shared with the news outlet, “I started crying as soon as I saw that picture because I knew that was Tiki. The fact that we found him a quarter mile away after three days is a miracle.”

You can see more in the video below:

Hopefully Tiki has had enough adventures for a while!

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