Clever Lost Dog Walks Into Police Station To Ask For Help

A clever dog knew just what to do when she became separated from her owner: She turned herself in to the police!

The dog, later identified as Rosie, somehow knew to walk right through the Loughborough Police Station doors after becoming lost.

Photo: Facebook/Leicestershire Police

The Leicestershire Police shared about the dog on Facebook, saying:

“The pack at Loughborough Police Station made a new furry friend last week after a lost dog strolled into the station. We’ve collared the CCTV of the Border Collie, Rosie, so you can see her approaching the doors before walking in and taking a seat in the corner. Good dog!”

Photo: Facebook/Leicestershire Police

They added that the staff ended up getting Rosie some water and “made fast friends with plenty of fuss.” Thankfully, the pup was wearing a collar so they were able to contact her owner who was thrilled that she’d been found safe and well.

Apparently, Rosie had been on a walk nearby when she managed to wander off. Somehow, she knew just where to go to get help!

Photo: Facebook/Leicestershire Police

The police department ended the post by saying “what a lovely, clever dog,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Check out the footage below for yourself:

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