Lost Dog Sees Her Real Mom and Can’t Believe It

One of the most difficult things that can happen to a pet owner is to have their dog wander off. We lose them and suddenly our entire world is upside-down.

For some people, the struggle to find a pet stretches on for weeks or months, and some families never find their beloved furry friend. The woman in this story, however, was able to do something amazing, and we get to be there to see it.

Photo: YouTube / The Dodo

She had always been very close to her dog, Zasha, and they were inseparable. Within a few days of her birthday, however, the dog went missing.

Regrets of a Pet Owner

This really hurt her human mom, because she knew she should have microchipped the dog, but she never got around to it. It was a mistake that she would regret for many months.

When I say that she was heartbroken, it really is an understatement. She couldn’t believe that her dog was gone, and she did everything she could to find her.

Meanwhile, Zasha had been put in an animal shelter and was one day away from getting euthanized. Fortunately, a kind rescuer came along and saved her from that fate.

Photo: YouTube / The Dodo

They then posted on social media, and the dog’s owner replied to say it looked a lot like her own dog. When taking a closer look, she realized that it was indeed her dog after all!

Reunion Day

When the day came for the two to be reunited, she was so full of anxiety that she could hardly breathe. Would Zasha remember her?

You could tell that the dog was excited to see her, but then the pup was a little apprehensive. It took some sniffing, but when she realized the truth, she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Finding her lost dog was an incredible moment in her life, and she says that since Zasha is back, it’s like she never left in the first place.

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