Long-Stay Shelter Dog Has No Idea Why Someone Hasn’t Snapped Him Up Yet

Meet Boomer. When you hear the name, you may instantly think of the generation laughably accused of the ruination of the planet (it started long before they were born), the economy, and property values, thus spawning the not-so-clever phrase “OK, Boomer.” Well, this is not that Boomer! This Boomer is just a good boy that knows nothing of property values and even less about the state of the planet. To be fair, though, he’s not just a good dog, he’s a very, very good dog!

Boomer’s also a long-stay shelter resident at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson that would love to find a family like, oh, yesterday! He lived in one home from puppydom where he was house-trained and enjoyed sleeping near his person at night. Besides adoring comfy couches and attention, Boomer is a smart boy who knows the commands sit, shake, and look. He also loves to play with tennis balls and go for nice, cool dips, if anyone’s interested.

adoptable shelter dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Bully Breeds

An American bulldog and pit bull terrier mix, he’s neutered, weighs approximately 72 pounds, and is estimated to be about 3 years old. Not much more is known about him other than Boomer has struggled with chronic ear infections in his life, so he needs a family committed to his long-term health and care.

When meeting other dogs in PACC playgroup, he was a bit nervous and kept to himself at first. He’d like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it’s a good fit and may ultimately prefer to be your one and only fur baby. Boomer is also looking for a home without young kiddos and would probably do best with humans 13 and up.

adoptable shelter dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Shelter Favorite

Having said all that, this big-headed beefalo is a HUGE shelter favorite. Here’s what some of the members of his fan club had to say about him:

“Boomer is my favorite boy at PACC. He gives the best wiggle you’ve ever seen and is happy to see his volunteer friends. He’s affectionate and likes to snuggle. When he first arrived at PACC, he was very scared and it took a while for him to warm up. Now he warms up quickly to new friends. He’s a strong boy that would like a good mix of daily activity like walking or hiking followed by all the couch potato snuggles you have time for.”

“When I approach Boomer’s kennel, I’ve never seen a more excited dog! He loves to play fetch and he loves the kiddie pool. Boomer would be a great dog for an active household that can get him out hiking, walking, running, or swimming. I think he would be game for anything. Super fun handsome guy!”

“Boomer is a big puppy! He would be great in an active home that could give him exercise and stimulation.”

adoptable shelter dog
Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

Adopting Long-Stay Shelter Pets

If you can offer this much-beloved pup a quiet, loving home where he’ll be spoiled like he deserves to be, ask about Boomer today! His ID# is A751408 and he’s in Kennel D012. He’s been at the shelter since March 12, 2022, and is ready to go home today! If you are interested in adopting him or know someone who might be, please email pacc.adopt@pima.gov with additional questions.

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