Does Loneliness Envelop You These Days? Try These Tips From Redditors to Get Rid of the Blues

Feeling lonely and bitter is only a normal reaction after experiencing mishaps. You must acknowledge that emotion to learn more about yourself and appreciate happiness even more. It’s not a weakness to admit that you are sad over something — humans are wired that way. Letting yourself feel sadness is also good for your emotional well-being. You learn to process and regulate your emotions much better — allowing yourself to not further extend negativity. However, spending so much time in that lonely bubble can consume you and affect your perspective in life. For this reason, bitterness should be cut from its root cause if it has already taken over you for long periods of time.

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People find ways to eliminate misery, and it takes effort to give yourself a chance to be happy. Others keep looking at the brighter side of things and end up lonely again. But it would help if you remembered that healing is never linear — it’s only natural to feel sad again after gaining joy. That’s why you have to practice various good habits to get you out of that dark hole again. A lot of people have gone through such emotional experiences and shared how they fight negativities. Redditors under funKiKitty’s LPT post provided helpful tips that could clear the dark clouds above your head.

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“I feel awfully resentful and bitter around people. How do I improve the general outlook on life and come across as friendly and happy?” funKiKitty wrote in her post. Listed below are a few of the answers to her query.

Good Daily Habits

According to bluesteelballs, you must seek medical assistance and therapy to determine your condition, as it might be a mental health issue. There’s nothing wrong with going to a therapist, especially when your well-being is on the line. Moreover, the Redditor also implied that lifting the weight upon your shoulders starts with good habits. Change begins within yourself, which you can start with the following:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise at least four times a week
  • Be hygienic

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These habits may sound simple, but it still requires discipline and consistency. “Doing these four are great for your health, self-esteem, and hormonal balance, which means you’ll be in a better mood as you see the results of your hard work,” blueststeelballs wrote. Most importantly, you’ll feel great when you start treating yourself better.

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Think of a Compliment

Since OP’s problem is feeling resentful towards other people, she needs to see what’s good in someone whenever bitterness emerges. “Think of something nice. Make it a habit. That guy had a nice haircut. That lady was helpful. It will take practice and a mindful approach. I have to force myself to speak calmly when I get angry. Doing this actually helps me calm down because I’m aware of how I’m reacting,” drowninginthesouth recommended. You need to apply this method in life, mainly when you resent someone who hasn’t done anything wrong to you. Furthermore, it would be best to work on your confidence because disliking someone for unknown reasons most likely begins with insecurity.

Gratitude Training

Heal yourself from insecurities that result in resentment toward others by acknowledging the good things in life. When you realize that you are blessed, you’ll stop looking for something you don’t have. Zhaguar advised to list at least five things you’re thankful for every day — it doesn’t always have to be grandeur. You can start by being grateful for waking up or having a good night’s sleep.

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“I used to be like this bitter, angry, gay man, annoyed at the stupid world and watching myself become lonely in the process. At least you’ve had the self-awareness that something is wrong,” Zhaguar shared. “IT WORKS. After a while, you start to acknowledge the things you have taken for granted in your life, and you will just carry gratitude in your heart through life and actually show up to it.”

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Social Media Detox

People often present their best selves on social media by posting their achievements and new milestones in life. However, some people can be affected by such posts, leading to bitterness toward themselves. “Get off social media and stop comparing your life to what other people show their lives to be – it’s never so simple,” anniebegood commented. You can’t restrict people from sharing on their social media accounts, but you can stop yourself by changing your ways. Do social media detox once in a while until you realize it’s not so much of a necessity. You’ll start focusing on yourself even more as you spend less time comparing your life with others.

Happiness looks good on anyone, and you deserve it, even if you feel that you don’t. It will require a lot of effort, but it’s worth it when those habits are for your own good. Work on yourself with the help of your determination and support from those you love. Furthermore, some medical specialists could help you identify and ease the situation you are in right now. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, especially when sadness has gravely impacted your life. Healing may take a while, but you’ll undoubtedly reach the end of the tunnel. Trust that you’ll soon be able to pop the lonely bubble and break the chains of resentment for good.

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