Pretty in Pink, CuppaPug Cafe’s Pint-Sized Pack of Pugs Decked Out for the Holidays

Pug lovers in London have something to be excited about over the holidays. CuppaPug, a cafe for snuggling with the little flat-faced goofballs millions have come to love, is celebrating the holiday season in pug style. Dressed up like Santa and his helpers, the cafe’s motto is “pugs’ welfare first, cafe second,” and is home to seven resident rescue pugs: Gaston, 6, Bruce, 5, Bowser, 3, Beau, 2, Gizmo, 1, Bebe, 1, and cute little Baloo, that’s just six months old.

Photo: Pixabay/judygraham


Opened by pug enthusiasts Aaron Carty, Matt Pieterse, and Lady Phyll in June 2022, Carty stated, “Pugmas is so special to us here at CuppaPug! For Matt and I, ‘Pugmas’ is about bringing festive joy and pugs to people really needing a strong dose of Christmas fun. We are Christmas-themed with a pink Christmas Santa, pink Christmas trees, lights and decorations, and of course, the pugs in their little Santa outfits. We also have Christmas-themed drinks and cupcakes, including a gingerbread latte and warming hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows – also a favorite for the pugs, so watch out!”

Photo: Pixabay/fbiservice

Tis the Season

“Pugmas” is their version or idea of a pug Christmas, in case you didn’t make the connection. To visit, you’ll need to book a time slot, but 10 percent of the fee goes towards rescuing and rehoming pugs. In addition to their dogs, the trio has pugs that need adopting brought in via a partnership with The National Pug Protection Trust, which also provides customers with information and advice on pet ownership.

Photo: Pixabay/germanmendiola01

Pug Mania

The reaction to the cafe online and in person has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Carty noted, “A lot of kids who visit tell us it’s the best day of their lives! The pugs are so well-behaved with children, and parents often bring children who’ve had bad experiences with dogs to try to overcome it. The response on social media has been amazing, and it’s really helped bring people in.” He even noted how passersby stop and smile at the sights within from the sidewalk, many of them taking pictures before moving on.

Photo: Pixabay/paule00070

Dog-Friendly Places

Sharing the belief that all cafes should be dog-friendly, Carty explained, “All the pugs love being in the cafe and the attention they receive. With CuppaPug being so busy, it’s great, as they get constant company and the reassurance they crave. It’s such a nice atmosphere, and spending all day with our pugs is an amazing privilege I want to share with people.” The business is looking to introduce PugLattes, and cocktails will also be available on the menu soon.

For more info, visit them at CuppaPug.

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