Pig Allegedly Owned By YouTuber Logan Paul Found Abandoned In A Field

A pet pig formerly owned by YouTube star Logan Paul has been found injured and abandoned in a field by rescue workers.

The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary shared about Pearl’s discovery on Instagram, explaining that she was “found abandoned in a field next to another pig who had died. She came to us with tattered ears and a potentially life-threatening infection in her uterus that has since been healed.”

Photo: Instagram/@thegentlebarn

They went on to say, “She’s clearly been through so much trauma that we can’t begin to imagine, but she’s now safe with us at The Gentle Barn.”

At the time of Pearl’s rescue, The Gentle Barn was informed that the pig “was purchased originally from a breeder by an influencer.” The influencer, later identified as Logan Paul, wanted a cute “mini pig,” a made-up breed that doesn’t actually exist. When Pearl (@bingbingpearl) inevitably grew to full size, Paul got rid of her and she ended up being abused and abandoned by her new owners.

Since his rise to fame on Vine and then YouTube, Logan Paul has become a household name across the country. He boasts more than 23 million subscribers on YouTube alone and is often touted as being one of the highest-paid YouTube content creators.

While some YouTubers rise to fame from their quality content, Paul seems to stay in the spotlight due to the consistent controversies he’s involved with.

One thing many people have criticized him for over the years is his negligent behavior toward animals. According to Sporting News, Logan Paul has purchased several animals in the past, including various dogs, horses, a turtle, a parrot, and two pigs – many whom have met untimely deaths. Paul’s parrot was eaten by one of his dogs. One of his dogs was eaten by a coyote.

Some of his pets have been quietly rehomed, like Ginger the dog and Pearl the pig.

His behavior toward animals has really caught the attention of the public since it was discovered that he not only dumped Pearl when she grew into an adult but also that he didn’t put in effort to find her a suitable home that would care for her properly.

Paul has addressed the situation on social media saying that he rehomed pear to an “amazing Ranch” when he moved away from California. According to him, she was well cared for at the ranch, but was later rehomed a second time to a farmer without his knowledge.

He ended the thread by saying, “I’m beyond thankful to the
@TheGentleBarn for taking her in & will do whatever I need to aid in Pearl’s care.”

In early 2020, Paul shared on Twitter that he bought Pearl thinking she was a “mini pig,” a marketing term usually used to sell young or underfed pot belly pigs.

Advertising for mini pigs often uses photos of baby piglets, promising the pigs will stay small forever. However, as PETA points out, mini pigs aren’t real. Even smaller pigs sold under the guise of being miniature often grow to exceed 100 pounds.

A potential pet owner should do due diligence before adopting an animal to ensure they can meet the animal’s needs and provide them a safe, quality home. Part of that due diligence would be researching the species or breed, which in the case for mini pigs would quickly reveal they’re not real and will grow large.

The Gentle Barn shared on Instagram that Pearl has been receiving plenty of TLC, but now the real work begins: healing her heart.

Pearl will be spending the rest of her life at The Gentle Barn where she’ll never have to worry about being rehomed or neglected again.

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