Couple Invites a Llama to Be Part of Their Wedding Party

The wedding day is one day in our life that we will remember forever. A lot of planning goes into making sure that the day is perfect, and sometimes it may even include a surprise or two.

In one particular wedding, the surprise was a little hairier than most, because they rented a llama named J to be a groomsman.

Although the wedding vows may have been a serious part of the wedding, they wanted to add a little fun to the day as well. To do so, they turned to a farm in Arcade, NY, that offers a very unusual rental service.

Where Can You Rent Llamas?

That farm has llamas for rent, and people get them for all types of different events. This includes parades, parties, and even weddings.

Of course, there’s a difference between having a llama in the audience and having one as part of your wedding party. Adam and Tara decided to take things to that level when they rented J from Llama Adventures.

J looks like he fits right in, wearing his own custom tuxedo and standing right along with the other groomsmen. He even had a bow tie that matched the wedding theme.

The Best Wedding Pictures

This impressive llama offered a very unique opportunity for wedding photos. There were so many selfies and other pictures taken, it is difficult to count.

Judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, it was a unique idea that really did the job well. Who knows? Perhaps we will see more llamas in wedding parties in the future, now that the word is out.

If this fun occasion is any indication, Adam and Tara are off to a good start. We wish them many years of love, happiness, and fun.

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