This Redditor’s Mom Claims That a Lizard Greets Her with an Adorable Wave

Since the internet became more accessible to people, many have been discovering things about animals that they did not know before. Humans became more aware of animal behavior, especially how they can sometimes act most amusingly. Animals can often behave in a human-like manner, which can shock you and effortlessly make you laugh. You’ll see dogs speaking verbally, cats drinking from water dispensers, monkeys welcoming their babies with a hug, etc. They know manners as well, which was shown by a lizard from Reddit.

Photo: Reddit/MotleySparks

The video was uploaded by MotleySparks with the caption, “Resident lizard at my mum’s. She is convinced it is genuinely waving at her, and the evidence is strong.” You can totally see the tiny wave from the lizard in the clip as it was standing on a rock. The lizard knows how to greet a potential friend — letting the mom know that he has nice intentions. People were so fascinated with the friendly reptile that OP received 26.8k upvotes and over 300 comments. The moment was like a neighbor greeting you in the streets, and maybe if you move closer to the lizard, it might be whispering a small hello.

Redditors in the comment section couldn’t help but express their fascination in various ways. Some shared their interpretation of the greeting, while others explained the lizard’s behavior. Dandibear shared, “This is how lizards show that they come in peace. When they see another creature that seems remotely dangerous, they do this to indicate that they won’t attack. Other lizards understand, even if we mammals don’t! (It can also occasionally be a mating thing. If this cutie is seeing their reflection, that could be the case here.) Either way, it’s adorable and does mean that lizard friend is not unhappy to share the area!”

Resident lizard at my mums. She is convinced it is genuinely waving at her, and the evidence is strong.
by u/MotleySparks in AnimalsBeingBros

The information is indeed a fact because it’s a lizard’s way to claim their peace. Its tiny hand wave is a sign that they are not there to challenge anyone — a safe way to communicate and prevent issues. The lizard might have just been introducing itself to the mom as a neighbor that means no harm. MotleySparks’s post provided new learning for those unaware of the lizard behavior. The six-second clip might be short, but it certainly caught the interest of a lot of people. Share the video with your friends to start a conversation. You might even want to use the video as a meme or greeting whenever you want to connect with others. Also, it could be the new white flag — sending peace and conveying that you intend nothing but the best.

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