Girl’s Reaction Upon Getting the Surprise of Her Life Has Touched So Many Hearts Online

Seeing a child cry in happiness after surprising her with the gift that she wanted the most is among the most unforgettable memories for parents!

This video is very memorable for this girl’s parents as it is to those thousands of Tiktok users who have viewed it.

Photo: Tiktok/giababi

The girl’s reaction to her new puppy awakens the child in all of us, reminding us of our own childhood and about wanting something so much and finally getting it after fervent wishes and prayers.

In a second video, the young girl even asked if it was a joke. But her family were just too happy to tell her that it was real. She now has her own puppy, which made her cry some more in pure happiness.

Some parents may hesitate to gift their children with a dog since it entails a lot of responsibility. However, there are science-backed benefits that a person gains from owning a dog according to the American Kennel Club.

Photo: Tiktok/giababi
  1. Dogs make people feel less alone. Based on a national survey of pet owners and non-pet owners by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, it is the belief of 85 percent of respondents that pet interaction minimizes loneliness. This is because dogs are always there for us and they love unconditionally. They fill up our lives with joy and cuddles that prevent feelings of social isolation.
  2. Dogs promote heart health. Based on a comprehensive review of studies that were published between 1950 and 2019, it was discovered that dog owners have a lower risk of mortality. They have lower blood pressure and are more resilient to stress. In fact, according to scientists at the Washington State University, just 10 minutes of dog petting can have a significant impact on a person’s stress level.
  3. Dogs motivate us to be physically active. Weekly, dog owners usually spend nearly 300 minutes walking with their pets which is a far higher record than those without puppies. This is reflected in a 2019 British study which found out that dog owners are almost four times more likely to fulfill daily physical activity guidelines compared to non-dog-owners.
  4. Photo: Tiktok/giababi
  5. Dogs help us to be more sociable. Dog walking is a great conversation starter, it makes us appear more amiable to other people. According to researchers, 40 percent of dog owners make friends more easily. Moreover, people with deep pet attachment are more intimate in their human relationships and communities according to a study at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Tufts University.
  6. Dogs fill us with more happiness. In a 2009 study in Japan, researchers found that looking into our dog’s eyes raises our level of oxytocin, which boosts our mood. Their unconditional love is also a source of joy and contentment for us. It is why having a dog helps us to cope better with life’s crises. And they can also help those who suffer from mental and emotional disorders by providing the loving and loyal companionship they need.
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