Meowin’ 9 to 5: Cat in Australia is Named ‘Little Dolly Parton’

Guest post by Madolline Gourley, traveling cat sitter from Brisbane, Australia.

I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Little Dolly Parton when her owner advertised for a live-in house and cat sitter in Adelaide, Australia, a few months back. It was the photos of Dolly that initially caught my attention.

Dolly is just as memorable as her namesake. While she doesn’t have a cowboy hat or set of boots, she’s iconic in her own right, with her champagne-coloured fur, big amber eyes and very expressive face.


I initially thought Dolly was a British Shorthair, but her owner informed me Dolly is actually a shorthaired Persian. Most Persians I’ve seen are longhaired cats or are easily identifiable because of their classic smooshed in face. But Dolly was different. I mean, how many Persians do you know called Dolly Parton?

Dolly had many quirks, including peeping at me from under the timber stool in her owner’s bedroom. A lot of the time all I could see looking back at me was those big eyes of hers. Those eyes also liked to watch me while she sat on the entryway table in the evenings.


If she were a country star, Dolly would have a quirky dressing room requirement, too: She likes to drink shower water. In the shower. She had a dedicated water bowl just for her shower water, which was refreshed each night. I’d leave the shower door ajar and Dolly was able to help herself to it. You could hear her running to drink from it in the middle night.

After about five or six days and many bowl refills, Dolly really warmed to me. She’d jump on the bed each morning as soon as I rolled over to check the time on my phone, and then stay on the bed for pets, sometimes for half hour or so until I got up. She’d even snuggle up against my side.


Dolly was also the house detective, inspecting my shoes and backpack each afternoon, as well as thoroughly investigating my suitcase. She even ‘helped’ me pack it all up on my final night in Adelaide.

I’ve already been asked back to care for Little Dolly Parton next time her owner goes away. I’ll be looking forward to cat sitting 9 to 5 with her.

Read more about Madolline’s time with Dolly on her blog, One cat at a time.

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