EMS Dispatcher Who Kept Putting Off Mammogram Received Results She Never Expected

An emergency medical dispatcher at AMR Grand Rapids is now using her story and experience with breast cancer to help raise awareness and encourage others to get their yearly mammogram.

Lisa Ridley discovered a lump in her breast, but kept putting off her annual mammogram. When she finally scheduled it and went to her appointment, her results were something she never expected.

Photo: YouTube/13 ON YOUR SIDE

Not only was she diagnosed with breast cancer, but she learned that she had two types of cancer that were very aggressive.

One is the DCIS and the other was a malignant neoplasm cancer. Since it was aggressive, she began treatment right away, but continued to work as an EMS dispatcher throughout her treatment.

Photo: YouTube/13 ON YOUR SIDE

She has remained positive during her rough journey, and her team at work has been so supportive and have helped lift her spirits while she undergoes treatment.

When she worked into work one day, her team surprised her with an ambulance wrapped for breast cancer awareness. She was overcome with emotion and began to cry, knowing that her work family cared so much.

Photo: YouTube/13 ON YOUR SIDE

Now, she is using her story to motivate others to get their mammograms.

“Don’t skip your mammogram. I never thought this was going to happen to me. Definitely wasn’t in my five-year plan. And so, when you’re due for a mammogram, definitely get it. If you feel anything abnormal, don’t ignore it,” Ridley told 13 On Your Side.

Ridley is getting a double mastectomy and is hoping to move on from her cancer diagnosis and live her life, thanks to her incredible support system.

Hear more of her story in the video below:

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