Are These Lions Vegetarians, or Do They Just Love Strolling Around This Green Field?

Nowadays, forests and grasslands are close to civilization, making it easy for wild animals to enter certain areas. Those animals suddenly visit villages and other human properties due to curiosity. Also, they roam around those areas, especially when it’s a part of their natural habitat. Villagers would mostly see small wild animal. Seeing animals that rarely interact with humans can be amusing. However, such situations must be handled by a professional. It’s best to keep a safe distance, especially when it’s a predator.

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda IFS

The lion is one of those animals that is unusually seen lurking around a populated place. Interestingly, two lions were found spending some time in a green field. A resident from a village near Gir National Park in Gujarat, India, recorded the scenario on the phone. In the first few seconds of the clip, the first one appeared and seems to be observing the field. After that, another one came into view, and it was just lying around like it claimed its new favorite spot. There was also a man on the video, but the two large felines remained unbothered by the close proximity.

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda IFS

The short clip was shared by Twitter user Susanta Nanda IFS. He uploaded it with the caption, “Another day in Gujarat, India.” It may have been a rare sighting for people online, but based on the caption, lions regularly stroll around the area. That also explains why the man in the video did not seem scared of the feral animals around him. The tweet was both amusing and thought-provoking. Twitter users raised a question as to why those large felines are roaming in a green field. Someone even asked if those lions were vegetarians.

The replies below the tweet were so engaging that you might find yourself responding and asking questions. Several Twitter users also confirmed that lions typically roam in certain places like Gir. Farmers and lions are said to have a great relationship that ensures no one is harmed in every interaction. With how fascinating the content is, the tweet has garnered 151k views, 714 retweets, 108 quote retweets, and over 5k likes. Once you have watched the video, you’ll be curious about the villagers and their relationship with lions.

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