Watch Tiny Lion Cubs Leap Across The Swollen River

It’s no secret that cats and water don’t mix. There are countless videos that show domestic cats avoiding water at all costs, but wild cats also aren’t fans of the wet stuff.

However, cats do what they have to do – which sometimes includes crossing through high rivers.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

An adorable viral video shows tiny lion cubs braving a swollen river, but it’s too high to cross without swimming.

Rather than giving up, the cubs somewhat reluctantly hop into the Ntiankntiak river and make their way across to the rocks on the other side.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

According to SWNS, the footage of the lion cubs was captured in January by Betsey Lucas who was exploring with wildlife guide and conservationist Paul Goldstein.

SWNS explained, “Mr Goldstein noted that the Ntiakntiak river is normally a trickle, but became faster-flowing after ‘biblical storms’ in the area.”

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, Cats (and lion cubs) don’t generally enjoy the water, but like many animals, they have an innate ability to swim.

These ambitious cubs know just how to swim and it’s impressive, even if it is an innate skill.

You can watch the adorable moment for yourself in the video below:

How cute are they?

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