Missing Cat Rings Her Family’s Doorbell Weeks Later, Frantically Meows To Be Let In

Stefanie Whitley and her family were extremely worried when their eight-year-old cat, Lilly, wandered off in their Mastic Beach, New York neighborhood and never came back.

Lilly, who acts more like a dog than a cat, always stayed by Whitley’s side, even when she went for walks. So her not returning home was very unlike her.

Two weeks later, around 10 at night, the family received an alert to their phones while they were watching television.

Photo: YouTube/KHOU 11

The alert was from their doorbell camera at the front door. They all looked at each other and had no idea who would be at their house at this time of night.

When they looked at the video, they saw Lilly staring back at them! Their beloved kitty had made her way back home and rang their doorbell, meowing and trying to get back inside.

The family laughed, cried, and couldn’t believe what was happening.

Photo: YouTube/KHOU 11

They immediately ran to the door to let their beloved kitty inside.

“I didn’t feel like she was coming home,” Whitley told Patch. “And, honestly, I feel like if she had not been detected on the Ring camera, we would have not known she was there.”

Ever since returning home, Lilly has been staying inside and has shown no interest in wanting to go back out. It seems she missed her family just as much as they had missed her.

Photo: YouTube/KHOU 11

Whitley adopted Lilly at just four weeks old after she and her litter-mates were rescued by a fireman.

It was love at first sight for Whitley, who took the tiny kitten home, hand-raised her and bottle-fed her until she was strong enough to eat on her own.

The two of them formed a very special bond, and the rest is history!

Watch Lilly on the doorbell footage in the video below:

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