Start Building These Habits Now to Improve Your Quality of Life

Life is a series of figuring out what works for you and what does not serve you well. You will go through different phases to finally find yourself and the kind of lifestyle that makes you a better person. Building the right habits is vital to create the best version of yourself. Other people would often influence you, but you must pick the ones that provide improvements. It’s not wise to blindly follow a daily routine when it does not give you results. If it works for someone, it does not mean it will also work for you. Seek on your own, and you’ll see that the smallest habits can sometimes create more significant changes.

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Also, there are practices that people often overlook. And once they apply it in life, they’ll question their earlier choices. It’ll wonderfully provide the high-quality life you wish you had if you had practiced the habit sooner. You’ll suddenly regret trying different things such as fad diets, following a certain work routine, etc. Redditors created a helpful discussion under LuisTheHuman’s post, which asked, “What improved your quality of life so much you wish you did it sooner?” It received about a thousand upvotes and 1.7k comments. If you are still looking for that life-changing habit, you might be influenced by one of the answers in OP’s post. You could also choose from the list below.

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More Water and Less Soda

By drinking water alone, you could prevent a lot of diseases, especially diabetes. Too much sugar-sweetened beverages can badly impact your health and hinder blood sugar regulation. It’ll be challenging to get rid of sodas, and you’ll miss them badly, but once you get used to it, you’ll notice that you’re not craving it anymore. Begin with minor changes, then slowly let go of fizzy drinks. “It’s hard at first, but I’m at a point now where I don’t really enjoy soda anymore, it’s just soooo sweet. Those water bottles that have marks for how much you should drink per hour helped a lot,” Im_sorry_rumham replied to NO_COA_NO_GOOD’s answer.

Reducing Alcohol Intake

CapG_13 responded only with three words, “I got sober.” There’s so much power in that short sentence because alcohol can immensely impact your life for the worse. Once you start depending on it, you’ll notice how it can deteriorate life quality, more so in your relationships. There’s nothing wrong with drinking, but make it a habit to do it moderately. Other Redditors congratulated CapG_13, and some also shared their experiences regarding sobriety. It wasn’t easy, but learning that alcohol does not always bring fun and thrilling days can help you realize that letting it go is worth it.

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Not Taking Responsibility for Others Feelings

“Realizing that in most instances, the feelings of others are not my responsibility, and I don’t have to carry that burden,” Actuaryba commented. If someone stays sad, it’s not your mission to make them happy. Sometimes people have got to take responsibility for their own emotional health. It’s draining to check on everyone’s happiness but your own — you also have to fill your cup. “Yes. Stick to your guns, and don’t let others negativity or emotional sensitivities impact what you want to do with your life,” P4ULUS replied. It’ll be challenging, especially with your loved ones, but if it’s too mentally draining, you must let go.

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Find Yourself a Hobby

Learn something new and engage in stimulating activities outside of work. Do not always depend on your phone to find your source of entertainment and happiness. “I found a hobby that makes me forget about the craziness of the outside world and things like work. Really helped my mental health all around,” auvovo wrote. You can do the hobby during your alone time to relax mentally, physically, and emotionally. Indulge in books, crafts, recreational activities, and so much more. Turn your phone off and forget the world for a while to find your inner peace.

Losing Weight

There’s a scientific reason why weight loss is recommended, especially for health purposes. Various complications are linked with obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and more. Also, losing weight means you are following a diet with healthy options. Your body receives vital nutrients that boost bodily functions. It’s not only about staying fit for superficial reasons, but losing weight literally makes you feel internally light. Many people replied to Solid_Internal_9079’s answer with their testimonies regarding how weight loss drastically improved their life.

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Maturing is finally realizing that you’ll have more fun when you take better care of yourself. It takes discipline to consistently apply those habits daily, and it will surely be hard. However, gaining a positive outcome makes everything worth it. A high-quality life will bring you peace, happiness, and healing that is never found in your previous habits. It’s not too late to make some changes — you still have time to get back on your feet. Use OP’s AskReddit post as a reference to begin building new habits. You could also share yours and how such practices gave you excellent results in improving your life.

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