Community Rallies Around To Save 19-Year-Old Cat That Lives At The Library

The community in Ashville, New York has really pulled together for a sweet feline in need!

Libby the cat has been living at the Ashville Free Library for years and she’s brought a lot of joy to librarians and library visitors alike.

Photo: Pexels/Element5 Digital

Unfortunately, due to her old age, Libby’s health has been starting to decline and the library was struggling to pay for her medical care.

The library started a GoFundMe to help cover her medical bills. In the post, they explained that Libby is “the Ashville Library’s treasured kitty.”

The library went on to say that at the age of 19, Libby’s health is starting to decline, and with that, comes many medical expenses.

Photo: GoFundMe/Ashville Free Library

They said, “Libby is getting older, slower, and a little frailer, but we’re determined to give her the best care we can. Unfortunately, that care comes at a cost. This year alone, we’ve spent nearly $900 on vet bills for her treatment for an ear infection and a cold. For a small library on a very limited budget, this is devastating.”

Amazingly, the community really rallied together and raised more than double the $1,500 GoFundMe goal! To make matters even better, the library was pleased to share an update on Facebook saying that Libby was doing better, though her health journey wasn’t over.

They wrote, “Thank you all for opening your hearts and wallets to help Libby pay her vet bills! It’s making a huge impact on our ability to afford her care! The meds she got have made her feel better this last week, but they might be upsetting her tummy.”

“Visitors have been giving her gentle love, and we’re hopeful that her upset is temporary, since we worry about her weight [if] she can’t keep food down. Tips and tricks and good wishes appreciated!” they added.

On GoFundMe, they were pleased to share that they not only raised enough money to ensure her good care going forward, but they were also able to use the funds to help pay for her prior bills as well.

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