10-Year-Old Boy’s Lemonade Stand Raises Thousands Of Dollars To Help Ukrainian Children

Mac Connatser, of Dallas, Texas, may only be ten years old, but he’s wise beyond his years and has a kind heart to prove it.

When Mac heard about how many children were separated from their families as Russia invaded Ukraine, he knew he wanted to do something to help.

That’s when he came up with the idea to run a lemonade stand in his neighborhood and donate all proceeds to the efforts being made to save Ukrainian children.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Mac’s parents were extremely supportive in Mac’s generous idea, but had no idea the impact he would make with one tiny lemonade stand.

From there, Mac brought his lemonade stand to his grandmother’s church, Royal Lane Baptist Church.

His grandmother paid $100 for her lemonade, while another parishioner offered $30. He continued to sell his lemonade and was quickly on his way to raising a whopping $2,000!

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Although Mac’s lemonade stand has closed shop, he still hasn’t stopped raising money for the kids in Ukraine. He made a GoFundMe, where he has already raised $9,285. 100 percent of proceeds will be donated to Save the Children’s Ukraine emergency fund.

“I’m really grateful and it makes me feel very happy, because I think we could save a lot of lives by doing this,” Mac told Inside Edition.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Mac’s parents are so proud of their son for his inspiring efforts to help others.

“It’s heartwarming to have a kiddo that is this empathetic and generous,” his mom, Aubrey, told Inside Edition. “It’s also devastating to watch what’s happening in Ukraine. So it’s bittersweet that Mac has taken on this task and that this weighs heavily on his heart. If you ever want a kid to react in an appropriate way to a tragic situation, I’ll take it. He’s a great kid. He always has been, and we’re super proud.”

Hear the full story in the video below:

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