The Refreshing and Inspiring Story of a Girl’s Lemonade Stand Raising Funds for Animal Rescue

During the summer, expect to see two or more lemonade stands in your area. Children are prepared to earn extra allowance during their vacation by selling refreshing drinks. It’s a great way to help kids learn the value of money and how to properly manage a business. Even when it’s only a small one and just for the summer, it’ll keep them motivated, especially when they have a target income. Sometimes the desire to sell more lemonade can be the start of a dream. A glass of lemon juice not only refreshes you from the hot climate, but also gives children ideas about their future. For them, it’s their first step towards earning independently, whether it’s for a trip, a toy, new belongings, or a gift for a loved one.

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Aside from extra allowance, a lemonade stand can be the start of advocacy. It was the beginning of a little girl’s journey to providing animals with proper treatment and daily needs. Delanie Dennis loved animals so much that even at a young age she found a way to raise funds for them. In Tampa Florida, her lemonade stand does not only quench thirst, but it’s a vital part of her mission. The money she earns for every glass of lemonade goes straight to animal rescue centers. For this reason, ASPCA gave her the title of 2022’s Kid of The Year.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Delanie came up with the refreshing idea when she was seven years old. She talked to her parents about it and thankfully, they were very supportive of her. Her parents think that it’s worth the shot and established the stand in their family restaurant. Every month, Delanie would pick an animal rescue center as a recipient. “Since I started the lemonade stand, we’ve raised $61k for animal rescues and charities,” Delanie shared. Her parents are extremely proud of their daughter — witnessing her enact changes in the world is undoubtedly heartwarming. Moreover, she is well-supported by the community, and the movement has touched the hearts of those fighting for the same cause.

Delanie’s kindness for animals does not only happen at the lemonade stand. Her devotion to animal care motivated her to become an animal rescue volunteer. She helps with errands around her favorite sanctuary where her beloved donkey, Burrito, lives. “I want to inspire my generation to help animals. The future is that, hopefully, animals’ lives will all be changed,” Delanie inspiringly said in a feature with Good Morning America. She certainly lives up to the saying, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Delanie dreams of a changed world and knows it can only happen if she makes a move.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Due to her beautiful mission, she was invited to Good Morning America’s studio for an interview. She came to talk about her advocacy and to promote an adoption fair. The 11-year-old encouraged people to visit the Squeeze The Day event and take a precious animal home. Delanie hosts the fair every year, where she welcomes different rescues for promotion and to receive donations. She is indeed spending her youth for a good cause — a mission where she can still have fun and do what she loves. Young people are truly the hope of the future. Without their fresh and progressive ideas, changes would not occur. Delanie Dennis is an exemplary citizen at age 11 — her future is already bright, especially for the animals receiving love from her lemonade stand.

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