Mom Brings Up Old Mistake, and Her Daughter Leaves Home

We all make mistakes in life, and sometimes, those mistakes can follow us for a very long time. There are also two sides to every story, but sometimes we believe the first one we hear.

This story was interesting, because it involves a brother and sister who were not treated equally by their mother. It was also something that came back to haunt the sister later in life, which is why she went on Reddit to ask a question.

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Essentially, the young woman was talking about something she did when she was 13 years old. She and her brother had to take a bus to school, and they had to give their mother two days notice when the bus ticket was about to expire.

Discussing Past Mistakes

The brother never had to walk to school, even though he often told his mother about the £11 bus fare at the last moment. If the girl didn’t tell her in time, she would have to walk.

On one Friday, the girl told her mother that she would need money for the bus fare on Monday. She had an exam and did not want to be late for school, as it was a 2-hour walk away.

On that Monday, the brother asked for his bus fare and was given it, but the daughter was not given any money.

That is when she made a decision that was something she regretted. She took the money from her mother’s purse for the bus fare.

The mother was so angry that she had her daughter arrested. It was the last time she ever stole from her mother.

Things Come Out Again

15 years later, the daughter was preparing for her birthday and was still living at home. The mother had left £40 on the counter with a shopping list, but in the morning, one of the £20 notes was missing.

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The mother then also informed the daughter that some money was taken from her file and accused her of stealing it. She started screaming at her daughter and calling her names.

This hurt the daughter very much, so she packed her bags and left. Now she is wondering if she is the bad guy for leaving and not celebrating her birthday with her family.

Many people were commenting on the section, letting her know that she was not in the wrong. She made a mistake when she was much younger, and the mother was the one in the wrong, especially because she had her arrested.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, but from what we read, this girl was smart to get out of that bad situation.

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