Timid Dog Slated For Euthanasia Learns To Trust People For The Very First Time

A neglected Malinois was given a second chance for life after being recommended for euthanasia by animal control.

After coming from a rough home, Leah was terrified of humans and her fear was so strong that she was deemed unworthy of saving. Thankfully, the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue in Lake Forest, California heard about Leah and decided to step up and give her a fighting chance.

Photo: Facebook/Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC

The rescue shared in a Facebook post that when Leah first arrived with them, she was “a terrified, shut down, feral dog whom animal control had confiscated from a very bad situation.”

They explained that she was “so shut down” that it took them months to build up to any type of human interaction, but they refused to give up on her.

Photo: Facebook/Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC

In a separate post, the rescue explained that Leah was actually recommended for euthanasia due to her severe lack of socialization. She’d spent possibly two years of her life without any human interaction before animal control found her.

Thankfully, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue stepped in and offered Leah the space and time she needed to heal and learn to trust.

They said, “We spent month after month earning her trust, socializing her, and teaching her to overcome her many fears.”

Now, she’s still in a foster home but she’s not terrified of every human or new experience. The rescue shared, “She has her favorite beds and toys and is no longer scared of tile, wood flooring nor thresholds. She now seeks affection instead of cringing whenever she is touched. Leah has become a cuddler who dishes out kisses and wants to be with her people.”

The transformation she’s made internally is massive, but she’ll still require a special home with a patient family that will understand her background and the progress she’s made to get to this point.

The rescue is hoping to find the perfect match for Leah. On her adoption page, they wrote:

“Leah is a jaw snapping, toy playing, chew obsessed Malinois in her home and is going to need someone who understands Mals, who can supply structure, who is patient, and who can slowly build trust with her. Because she’s such a flight risk, we are going to be very careful about where we place her, because she means the world to us.”

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