Netizens Couldn’t Help But Relate to This Video of a Lazy Sheep Lying Around Eating

Surviving in this world means you have to hustle your way into achieving the life you manifest for yourself. Hard work is important, primarily when you are not privileged enough to have connections and a safety net. It’s part of your personal growth, which you should be proud of because it’s the fruit of your labor. Naturally, you’ll also feel tired at the same time — working for your future can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. Amidst the hustle and bustle you have been doing every day, you’ll suddenly feel tempted to do nothing at all. Laziness will win over you at some point — sleeping all day, lying around, and eating your favorite foods truly do sound good.

Photo: Youtube/Hololive and Vtuber Clips

Choosing to be lazy is often a response to overwhelming amounts of work and your body telling you to pause for a while. It doesn’t mean you’re not grateful for your job, it’s just that sometimes you wish that life would be easy. You have to allow yourself to feel that unless it’s becoming an unhealthy habit. But if it’s just resting for a while, then be the sheep in this Youtube video. You’ll be jealous of how the sheep enjoys laying on the grass under the sun and munching on some greens. The video looks peaceful and makes you want to have that tranquil farm life. Although there are passing vehicles since it’s close to the road, the lazy sheep remains unbothered.

The short clip has been shared on various social media pages, and netizens all had similar reactions. They kept calling the sheep their spirit animal, and the video is definitely a big mood. Anyone could relate to the video, whether you’re a parent, a student, or have a career. It’s really rewarding to do nothing for the whole day — not minding if it’s already evening or it’s morning again. You and your friends will definitely love the lazy sheep video, so share the link with them. Also, posting the clip on your timeline would start a fun conversation in the comment section. Anticipate reactions and comments such as, “It’s me. Hi! I’m the lazy sheep.” And they’ll be sending that while they enjoy an all-day-in-bed kind of day.

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