This Woman’s Boyfriend Wanted to Access Her Late Friend’s Apartment, Which Led to a Frustrating Argument

Saying no to the people you cherish can be difficult, but some favors will truly make you hesitate to say yes. You’ll feel that there’s something fishy behind the request, which will naturally make you reject them. Those moments will enlighten you about their true colors depending on their response to your rejection. It will anger them, or if they genuinely don’t have something up their sleeves, they will accept it with full respect. Learning to say no is important, especially when that person is up to no good or if their favor disrespects the living or the deceased.

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A woman from Reddit has this struggle with her boyfriend. She shared her story which has gained 13.3k upvotes and 2.7k comments. Based on the upvotes Paas33 received, she was clearly on the right side of the story. According to her post, her late friend had no spouse or family to pass down his properties to, especially the apartment. OP was the sole person left with the responsibility to take care of his belongings. She kept the apartment key and would visit the place every weekend.

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“My boyfriend noticed and asked to have a copy of the key to the apartment. I was utterly confused by his request. I asked what for, since he and Aaron weren’t even that close, given that he and I been dating for 6 months,” Paas33 explained. “He got offended and accused me of gatekeeping Aaron’s memory. I said I was sorry but Aaron’s apartment has valuable stuff that I cannot risk missing and besides, what business could he possibly have there?”

OP’s boyfriend took her rejection badly and tried to emotionally manipulate her. However, Paas33 certainly felt something was wrong with his favor, mainly since her boyfriend did not share any close relationship with her friend. Although OP tried to end the argument, the boyfriend did not stop contacting her through text, making her feel bad about the decision. He was intensely adamant about getting a copy of the apartment key to the point that he would emotionally hurt his girlfriend.

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Reddit users have expressed their support for OP, and she has received numerous NTAs in the comment section. Open-Possibility-723 commented, “trust your instincts. DO NOT GIVE HIM A COPY OF THE KEY AND DONT LEAVE IT WHERE HE CAN ACCESS IT. This is a major red flag, and it’s time to reevaluate your relationship. He’s gaslighting you about your friend who died to access his things; this is not a good guy.” The comment was so agreeable that it gained 26.5k upvotes.

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Some Redditors even pointed out how the boyfriend implied that OP called him a thief, even though those weren’t her words. “You never implied that, did you? So him jumping straight to that conclusion might be telling of what is on his mind. I bet he just told himself here, he is definitely eyeing the valuables in that flat,” Juliadejonge_ wrote. Paas33 replied, “No I did not. I don’t know where he came up with this idea.”

The guy obviously had plans, as he wouldn’t get highly defensive if he just wanted to check on the place or remember his girlfriend’s friend. It’s downright disrespectful for the deceased friend if the boyfriend wants to take advantage of his property. He did not even respect OP’s time to grieve; instead, he took his shot, thinking he would get a chance. It’s quite troubling, and if you agree, you can share your thoughts in the comment section. Help someone feel validated and comforted today with your words.

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