Video Of A Bird That Looks Like A Gorilla Captivates Reddit

Look! It’s a bird! No, it’s a gorilla! Wait… Is it a bird?

Yes. Yes, it’s a bird. Though it sounds like I’m talking about a huge bird, it’s actually just its bill that’s large. It’s a large-billed crow.

PHOTO: Flickr/Imran Shah

Have you seen a swole-looking crow? Probably not. But it’s not actually displaying any signs of intimidation here.

In a video that’s resurfaced once again on Reddit, a large-billed crow can be seen looking like it’s posturing and, with the video’s angle, it kinda looks like a gorilla at first. It also looks like a person flexing in front of a mirror to show off his “gains” after a workout.

“When you just got done with wing day,” said one Redditor.

PHOTO: Reddit/Rguezlp2031

A perfect description of the short video was provided by another commenter: “Haha, it’s facing the crow dead on and the crow is using its wings like arms to lift/prop itself up on them. The head is covering the body and legs behind it so it just looks like a head floating on buff arms, but they’re tufted feathers.”

As mentioned earlier, the video already circulated years ago, and an explanation about what the crow is doing was posted by a Twitter user with the handle @corvidresearcher. As you can probably guess by their username, they’re experts when it comes to studying crows.

So the simple answer to this bizarre behavior is that the crow is just positioning itself to sunbathe, as Swift added in another tweet, “…perhaps the videographer caught it in a moment of transition.”

Another possible explanation was given by Swift’s fellow crow researcher. They said that the bird might be emaciated. “The keel looks highly pronounced here, which could indicate loss of breast muscle. Tired or hungry birds also often droop their wings down like this.”

Hopefully, that’s not the case and the crow is just sunning itself.

See the Reddit post below.

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