Defeated Rescue Puppy Overcomes Her Past And Learns To Love Again

When a dog is abandoned at a young age, they can sometimes give up on life very easily. That was the case with Lady, and she had all but given up when she was at an animal shelter.

Lady is an Australian Shepherd and she was only six months old, but she was afraid and timid because of her previous experience in life.

Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

The fosters that were taking care of her couldn’t do anything to help, so the animal shelter reached out to The Asher House.

As The Asher House shared on YouTube, Lady was so frightened at this point that she would push herself against the wall of her shelter to put as much distance as possible between her and others. They described her as being absolutely catatonic.

Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

Lee Asher was aware that it would take time but he knew that the puppy needed some help. It took a few days for her to decide if she wanted to be out of the crate, but he was hoping she would try.

It took time, but the emotions that Lady was showing at that point were completely off the charts.

At first, Lady was so frightened that Lee was shocked to see her come out of her kennel. She came out to meet some of the other dogs and within a short amount of time, she was going on a pack walk.

Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

She continued to gain courage as she found her way around the home. The other dogs also helped to build her confidence.

Lee was impressed with what he saw and Lady has transformed into something beautiful, just like we all knew she would.

Check out the video below:

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