Labs Entertain Themselves With The Most Unusual Game Of Fetch

If you’ve ever had a labrador retriever in your life, you realize that they are very unique dogs.

It seems as if they have something new to show you every single day, and sometimes you may wonder just how intelligent they could possibly be.

Photo: Public Domain Pictures/Karen Arnold

I would say that the owners of Kai the black labrador retriever are all too familiar with exactly how intelligent these dogs are.

After all, Kai and the other labradors in the home play a game of ball that is something we have never seen before.

Photo: YouTube/timbercr

Kai starts the game by putting a tennis ball on the diving board at the family’s swimming pool. After taking it to the edge of the board, she puts pressure on it with her paw until suddenly, it flies across the pool.

After the goes into the pool, Talent, another lab, jumps in to grab the ball and swims to the other end. They then bring the ball back to the diving board and start over.

Photo: YouTube/timbercr

Talent is barking on the sideline because she can hardly wait with anticipation. After the game takes too long, Talent jumps in the pool and grabs it to bring it back to Kai. He wants him to throw it again.

You can watch it for yourself in this video. As they say, seeing is believing.

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