After the Tragic Loss of Her 9 Puppies, Labrador Wants to Be a Good Mom to Tiny Survivor

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” ~ Jill Churchill

Motherhood is an exciting event for many of us. And not just for humans, but for animals as well.

Photo: Tiktok/labbylaughterndoodles

We delight and marvel at the life that develops within us, growing delicately each day, until it is time to bring this new creation into this world.

For human parents, it is the most precious miracle. A tiny, breathing baby that makes you feel complete and fulfilled.

And even though animals cannot speak just like us, we know that giving birth evokes the purest love in them as well.

Photo: Tiktok/labbylaughterndoodles

However, there are also occasions when hopes and expectations could end tragically. When life gets taken away by disease and other causes, our grief is hard to deal with. It often takes us a long time, even forever, to accept and heal.

For this first-time mother Labrador, the grief is just as soul-searing as day one. Out of her ten cherished puppies, just one of them survived. Every time the two of them sleep, she places her lone baby between her forelegs. And when she wakes up, she tries to look for all of them.

Yes, even though just one of them is left, she does her best to be a good mother to her puppy, as this Tiktok tearjerker shows.

Photo: Tiktok/labbylaughterndoodles

Many people could not hold back their emotional reactions and compassion for this first-time dog momma. As one commenter writes, “She doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she’s trying 🥺 like every first momma 🥺🥺🥺”

Another person remarks, “Mama is so uncertain. She just wants to be the best mama she can. Oh how I’m cheering for her. My heart!”

And this Tiktor user also feels as touched, “Oh lord I’m crying, she’s just a sweet soul, she is putting all her love into that little one. 🥺😭🥺💕”


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