Chocolate Lab Now Pays Owner’s Rent After Becoming Famous on Instagram

Who does not dream of their pets becoming social media stars?

And who does not wish that their efforts to make celebrities out of their pets would earn some extra bucks for all of them to enjoy a cozier life?

Now, with almost 6 million views on Tiktok, the owner of a chocolate labrador named Tank is proud to announce that her pet is now paying for her apartment’s rent. With the caption, “The Power of Instagram,” Ally Floth shares the good news to her dog’s 123.7k followers and the rest of the world with a photo of her and Tank.

Ally happily wrote on the viral Tiktok video, “Paying less than $200 for your dog, and now he’s an internet star who literally pays your rent.” Having watched it, many people reacted with amazement and joy, some of them asking Ally the secret of her and Tank’s success.


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One Tiktok user wrote, “You better get him his own house one day, i am sure he will allow you to live in it😎😆”

Another admirer commented, “how do ya teach them to make money cause mine are obviously slacking 🤣”

A third person gladly remarked, “his serious face like ya I’m worth so much 🤣”

While another individual delightfully expressed, “Life goals 🥰😂”


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There are really a lot of things to love about Tank, like the four things he is obsessed with — self walkies, couch nappies, zoomies, and iPad games.

And, of course, there are his two best friends, a kitty and a yellow lab whom his fur mom adopted thinking that this second one would be as peace-loving as Tank. Well, it was pure tranquility at the beginning until they learned how grown-up dogs should play.

Watch more funny videos of Tank and his family on Instagram and Tiktok!


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