Labrador Sees Cat Halloween Decorations And Doesn’t Know How To Reaction

Halloween is right around the corner and decorations are in full swing. Some people’s yards are full of spooky or fall-themed decor, ranging from pumpkins to skeletons and everything in between!

One classic Halloween decoration is a black cat. Those who are superstitious might think black cats are bad luck (ridiculous!!), so some people will put cut-outs or statues of black cats in their yards to add to the spooky factor. Plus, who doesn’t love some wholesome animal-inspired decor?

Photo: TikTok/@lilyyyyyyyannnn

Apparently, Maverick the labrador retriever isn’t the biggest fan.

His owners, Lily and Adam Flores, decorated their yard with some classic black cat cut-outs but their dog’s reaction was far from what they expected.

The moment Maverick stepped outside his South Texas home and saw the decorations, he froze, completely unsure what to do.

Photo: TikTok/@lilyyyyyyyannnn

Lily, an ER nurse and mom to a 5-year-old, shared a video of the pup on TikTok, saying, “When your lab is terrified of cats…” People couldn’t get enough of him!

Many people commented on the video, saying they could hardly believe he was a real dog and it’s easy to see why. He truly fits right in with the decorations and doesn’t move a flinch, even when called.

Photo: TikTok/@lilyyyyyyyannnn

“It looks like you PAUSED him,” one person commented. “I’m not convinced he’s not just another decoration,” another added.

Check out the hilarious video below:

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