Chocolate Lab with Separation Anxiety Cuddles with Sweet Puppy for Comfort on TikTok

Each of us must find comfort where we can get it. It’s no different with pets, as can be seen in a heartwarming TikTok video recently depicting a large chocolate Lab suffering from separation anxiety. It’s definitely your pick-me-up for the day if you haven’t already seen it. Even if you have, it’s worth a second go around. After all, touching dog and cat videos are some of the most popular content on the internet today.

lab and puppy
Photo: TikTok/billiethelab_

Separation Anxiety in Pets

A lot of pets around the world experienced separation anxiety as the pandemic started to slow its roll and people started heading back to work. If you have kids, when the summer ends and school starts back up, it’s not unusual for fur babies to go through it then as well. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) explains some of the symptoms dogs might exhibit are urinating, defecating, barking, howling, chewing, digging, or trying to escape. They’re working their frustrations out the only way they know how.

labrador and puppy
Photo: TikTok/billiethelab_

Billie the Lab

In @billiethelab_‘s case, he found comfort in the company of a sweet puppy his family introduced him to, and you have to see them in action. The video has received more than 1.6 million views and it’s been liked nearly 285,000 times to date. In it, they cuddle and spoon, and you can see how happy and calm Billie appears from the snuggly interactions. The puppy, for its part, seems equally happy to have a big brother or father figure taking so much interest in them.

Retriever Breeds

Labs are known for their sweet dispositions and affectionate behavior along with their penchant for loyalty and protectiveness. They live to please and ask only for love in return. Billie is certainly living up to the breed’s reputation in a series of videos his mom, Anna, has taken of the pair. Check out the video below and then head on over to Billie’s TikTok page to watch the rest.


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