CJ, the Adorable Lab Puppy, is Ready for His Forever Home if You’re Ready for Him!

Currently residing in a foster home in central Arizona, CJ is under the care and direction of Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue (DLRR). Still a puppy, this beautiful boy has the potential to be the bestest BFF you’ll ever encounter. Please read his story to see if he may be right for you!

Yellow Lab

Hello, my name is CJ!!

I’m a 9-month-old yellow Lab mix that weighs 53 pounds. I can’t tell you much about my background because I was discovered in the backyard of an abandoned home. The awesome people who found me brought me to their place but they had a full house already and not enough room for me, so they surrendered me to DLRR. I will tell you I’m not a fan of being left alone for a long period of time. I am a lover boy and love to be petted all over. I especially like my ears and belly rubbed.

My foster mom thinks I’m a low-shedder because she has not seen much of my fur in her house and when she gives me baths, not much comes off me. I love playing with toys. I’m not much of a ball chaser but I love bones and anything I can chew on. Toys that have squeakers are fun, too.

yellow lab
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Obedience Training

I know sit, lie down, and wait (for my food) and I’m learning off, leave it, and stay (in place). My foster people are teaching me to love my kennel and be okay with being left alone, plus I ALMOST have potty training mastered. I’m learning to ring a bell when I want to go out to use the bathroom. I’m able to stay out of my kennel (supervised) while my people are home but they still crate me when they leave. I’m a people pleaser and just want to be near you all the time.

yellow lab
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Dogs & Cats

I don’t mind being around cats. When I get into an energetic mood, I will chase them but I’m just being playful and won’t try to eat them. I would rather be around dogs, though! I love dogs, any size is good for me. I can self-entertain, too, if I have to. I am tall and wiggly and could knock over a small child, so I’ll need supervision until we get used to each other.

If you would like a running, walking, or hiking partner plus a great addition to your family, please contact DLRR, so they can make arrangements for us to meet! My foster mom says she is willing to take me wherever you live (in the area) so I can check out your place. She cares about me that much!!!

yellow lab
Photo: Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue

DLRR stands by its Labs, and they will be in their care for as long as it takes to find the right home. Contact them here or call (480) 899-LABS. Please share CJ with everyone you know to improve his chances of finding a forever home.

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