Model with Autism Making Name for Himself on the Runway in Philadelphia and New York

Kyle Woodland has been building up his modeling resume over the past year, along with working as an actor and a YouTuber. The 26-year-old also has autism, with certain struggles that make his modeling achievements even more special.

He tells 6ABC in Philadelphia, “Going into this industry, people really aren’t patient with people with autism spectrum disorder. Everything is really fast-paced. And when you have autism, sometimes you just want to take time to process things. Sometimes it’s just really hard when you have autism to read the room.”

He was most recently featured in the fast-paced environments of Philly and New York fashion weeks, sharing some of the highlights of his runway walks and interviews on his Instagram page. Along with the pictures, he wrote about the appreciation he had for brands accepting him for who he is and letting him take part in their shows. He’s also modeled for the Macy’s Fashion Show and a sports catalog, and even appeared in the Netflix film “Hustle” with Adam Sandler.

This career is something that has required him to overcome a lot.

On his Instagram, he wrote about his story, saying, “At the young age of 5 I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pervasive Development Disorder. People thought I wouldn’t be able to talk, read, or even do any normal activities… Now I am modeling in fashion shows, commercial print ads, and sports apparel companies. I am acting in movies, music videos, and commercials, played Semi pro soccer, and I got invited to model in Paris for a showcase!! I look at being the underdog as a blessing 🙏 have confidence in yourself, even if others don’t.”

He says before a booking, he lets those involved know about the fact that he’s on the spectrum, along with expressing his confidence in his talent and creativity. He stresses that being accepted for who you are is crucial in life, and he hopes his story gives people a broader understanding of autism.

To learn more about Kyle’s inspiring story, check out his Instagram. You can also watch the clip from 6ABC below.

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