Stray Dog In Georgia Gets A Job As A Crossing Guard

A stray dog has become a crosswalk patrolling star after going viral for protecting kids crossing the street!

The dog, Kupata (which means “Sausage”), lives as a stray in Batumi, Adjara, Georgia. Many people think much of stray dogs, especially in countries like Georgia where stray dogs are plentiful and sometimes even a nuisance.

But Kupata isn’t just an ordinary stray. He’s made a name for himself and even become somewhat of the town mascot! He even has his own Instagram account, @lovelykupata.

Kupata is known for helping pedestrians cross the road by putting himself in harm’s way.

A video posted on Kupata’s Instagram in early 2020 shows how the pup works to protect people crossing the street from traffic, even helping groups of children safely make it across!

Kupata carefully walks near the children and darts out toward cars to make sure they stop. It’s quite brave!

In another video, you can see Kupata barking and running alongside a car that didn’t stop at the crosswalk like it was supposed to.

The pup then runs back to the group of kids who are crossing the street to walk with them, occasionally running in front of cars to ensure they stop.

Kupata’s love of children and care for pedestrians has made him go viral on more than one occasion. He’s recognized around the world and even had a mural immortalized on a building in Batumi, courtesy of George Gamez.

While many people find stray dogs to be annoying or a problem, it’s safe to say that Kupata is loved by many. He makes friends all over the city and especially enjoys getting attention from children.

According to Instagram, Kupata thinks children “smell lovely,” and likes that they love to scratch him and cuddle with him.

Since joining Instagram and becoming a viral sensation, Kupata has gained a following of over 37,000 people! You can keep up with him and his crossguard duties on Instagram, @lovelykupata.

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