Watch Cats Face-Off In Intense Cat Cup Competition

If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch the Kittisaurus games, you really are missing out on something wonderful in life. In fact, you don’t even have to be a “cat person” to appreciate what they bring to the world of sports.

The Kittisaurus cats, of which there are 10, have YouTube videos with almost 600 million views. People around the world are absolutely falling in love with these adorable cats and their amazing personalities.

Photo: YouTube/Kittisaurus

In order to get things going, obstacles are set up around the home for the cats to compete against each other. Don’t worry, nobody’s feelings are hurt if they lose but we all get to smile when they win.

The Funny Cat Paper Cup Challenge is one of the latest newcomers to the overall competition. Eight of the cats are lined up to work their way through the obstacle course in this unusual tournament. There are three rounds, and we are on the edge of our seats the entire time.

Photo: YouTube/Kittisaurus

It seems as if there are some 500 paper cups in front of the kitties and they have to work their way across the top of them. They may not fully understand what they are doing but let’s just say, it’s amazing to watch what happens.

The challenge continues to get more and more difficult as the sheets of cardboard are reduced in size as the rounds go on.

Photo: YouTube/Kittisaurus

Some of the cats do well getting across the top of the cups in no time at all. Others, not so much.

You can join the millions of others who have already watched this amazing challenge happen in the following video:

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