Kittens Hide In Garden Watering Can And Emerge One By One

How many kittens does it take to fit in a garden watering can?

No, this isn’t a joke, it’s a genuine question because, apparently, kittens can fit themselves inside a watering can. At least according to one adorable TikTok video they can – and it’s more than just one!

Photo: TikTok/@julierempel9

The adorable video was shared on the social media platform by Julie Remple, who wrote in the caption that her brother had sent her the video.

It featured little orange kittens emerging from inside the narrow hole of a green watering can. The sight was like a kitten clown car – they just kept coming and there was no stopping them!

Photo: TikTok/@julierempel9

The first kitten was already quite the surprise, but then came another and another.

Watching the video, your jaw just drops as another little furry fluff ball peeks its little face out of the small watering can hole.

Photo: TikTok/@julierempel9

Eventually, a total of six kittens – six! – make their way out of the can and onto the porch like nothing. It’s crazy to think that they were all able to fit themselves inside.

Check out the video down below:

@julierempel9 What my brother sends us last night of his kittens😻😹#fyp ♬ original sound – julie rempel

What do you think of this cuteness overload? What’s the craziest place you’ve found your kittens hiding? Let us know!

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