Woman Crawls Through 300 Feet Of Filth To Reach Crying Kitten Stuck In Sewer Drain

When a Florida woman discovered a kitten who managed to get stuck in a sewer, she knew she had to help immediately. As she was passing by, she happened to hear the kitten’s desperate cries for help.

With help from firefighters, they tried various ways to reach the kitten, including traps and a fishing net, but the kitten was too scared and kept evading them.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Rescuing cats is nothing new to Lindsey Bembli, but it may be the first time she’s dealt with a sewer drain.

That’s when she called her friend Liz Jones, who is a director of Operation Liberation, an animal rescue organization. Jones has rescued animals from sewer drains before, so she definitely isn’t shy when it comes to going down them.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

When firefighters failed to rescue the cat, Jones crawled 300 feet through the sewer line to reach the terrified cat.

The rescue was not easy, nor was it for the faint of heart. The drain was not only filled with waste, but also covered in spiders, cockroaches and baby toads.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Jones also risked getting stuck in the drain herself.

Despite the creepy crawlers that filled the drain and the dangers that came with it, the women were determined to reach the kitten.

After carefully army crawling through the sewer, she finally was able to grab the kitten and crawl back up.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

If they hadn’t been there to help, the cat wouldn’t have survived much longer down there without any food or water.

The kitten, who they decided to name Donatello, is thankfully doing great and will be introduced to Jones’ other foster kittens.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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