A Cat Funnily Went Through Different Phases of Emotion After Meeting Its Kitten Sibling

When a person sees something for the first time, a mixture of emotions will be evident on their face. This often happens when the item or situation is particularly unfamiliar to them or bothersome. People go through various stages of emotions to determine what they really feel about a certain matter. For instance, some songs don’t win the listener’s heart at first. However, when they play it several times, it grows on them, making room for appreciation. You’ll go from “nah” to “aww” in a matter of time. For this reason, it’s best to regulate your feelings first before responding to the situation.

Photo: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Animals also feel that way — they are capable of processing their emotions as well. Like when a puppy or a cat arrives in their new home, they’ll be overwhelmed by change and scared because of the new face. Nevertheless, that’s alright, because they’ll eventually bond with their new friend, and trust will be built between them. A Redditor shared a clip of a cat and kitten meeting for the first time. It definitely showed how feelings and treatment change over time.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn19

“From big brother to best friend,” westcoastcdn19 wrote on his post, which earned 58.4k upvotes. The 32-second clip highlighted the stages the cat went through after being introduced to his kitten sibling. In the first few seconds of the clip, you can see the big brother feline observing the small kitten. After that, it showed a reaction that seemed like a hiss — as if the cat did not like what he saw. Funnily enough, the kitten looked at the camera like a scene from a documentary. It’s like the small cat got confused about why its big brother was reacting that way.

Nevertheless, big brother’s negative response did not last long because the video transitioned to a sweet moment between the siblings. Big brother was grooming the kitten, and they were undoubtedly inseparable. The siblings turned into best friends who love cuddling and snuggling on the couch. Anyone would melt at the sight of them — you’d be a happy fur parent if your pets get along so well.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn1

People in the comment section had fun sharing their thoughts about the video. Turbojelly even listed the emotional phases the big brother cat went through. Others also enjoyed interpreting the video; you might want to share your interpretation too. The comment section will make you laugh and adore cats even more. Share the video with your loved ones, specifically your siblings, and have fun pointing out who’s who.

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