Kitten Successfully Turned a Shoe into Its Own Bed After Several Adorable Attempts

Pet parents would gladly give everything to their pets. They do extra efforts to make their house comfortable and safe for them. A personal bed is even included, but when you have a cat, it can become useless. Once they see a confined space, they would fit themselves inside it — transforming into their liquid forms. Felines prefer confined spaces because it provides them with safety, comfort, and a hideout. They are ambush predators that use small spaces to hide themselves from their prey. That’s why you’ll often see them inside boxes, closets, bags, small pots, fish bowls, and other items that don’t seem cozy. Laundry baskets are also on their list — basically, anything where they are hidden.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

Cats do not have a difficult time fitting themselves in enclosed spaces, primarily kittens. Their bodies can easily take the shape of a container. A cat’s collar bone has no joints that connect with other bones. Their shoulders are fastened to muscular connections, and they also have super-elastic spines. For this reason, cats do not hurt themselves whenever they attempt to fit inside a small space or container. They are impressively flexible — you’ll hear no cracking bones during an attempt. However, a kitten from Reddit had a challenging time placing itself inside a shoe. Thund3rbolt uploaded the adorable video with the caption, “Yeay, I have a bed now too.”

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

The kitten’s determination to enter the shoe might be due to its sibling comfortably sleeping in the other one. Perhaps it wanted to try as well, but the kitten couldn’t get in on the first attempt. The shoe would either move or the cat couldn’t find the right position to enter. It took the kitten almost two minutes before it successfully made the other shoe in the pair into a bed. While it had a frustrating process, the kitten’s sibling was sound asleep all throughout the video. They made a pair of shoes look comfortable and like the perfect bed idea.

Lots of people cheered for the kitten, and the video gained 11k upvotes and hundreds of comments. They were all happy for the little one’s success — the kitten will surely have a good night’s sleep. Spike-2021 commented, “That was the longest minute and a half in my life! Congratulations lil kitty! You did it!”

Indeed, you’ll definitely feel bad in the first few seconds of the clip. It’ll give you the urge to enter the video and reach out a helping hand to the tiny feline. One Redditor even pointed out how the kitten looked at its sibling during every attempt. It’s as if the cat wondered how others made it look so easy. “I love how the other cat didn’t budge until the orange one finally figured it out, looked for another few seconds, and then when back to sleep,” ruhreddit wrote.

Yeay, I have a bed now too
by u/Thund3rbolt in aww

Felines are surely entertaining and intriguing animals. They have a unique way of thinking that will amaze you. Apart from thinking outside the box while inside it, they are resourceful. Who would’ve thought about turning a pair of shoes into a bed of their own? You can share the video with your friends and family. All of you will be rooting for the kitten’s attempt — holding your breaths until it gets inside the shoe. Send the link to this Reddit post and start a conversation about where else cats possibly sleep that isn’t a bed.

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