#FuzzyFriday: A Small Kitten Dragged an Even Tinier Kitty Into a House for His Mama to Save

Ready for your warm and “Fuzzy Friday” story about a heartwarming kitty? If you’re like so many other people who are sick of being overwhelmed by negative news, you look forward to a break come Friday to lighten the mood. If that’s you, then we have a tale for you.

As the story goes, a cat named Snowball had a litter of kittens. Not long after giving birth, the feline’s owner heard tiny mewling noises coming from outside her home. When she dashed outdoors to investigate, she realized the source of the cries was coming from a helpless newborn kitten lying sprawled in the dirt, fighting to survive.

newborn kitten
Photo: YouTube/BazPaws

For the Love of Cats

As the little pipsqueak did not belong to Snowball, the woman went to her neighbors to ask if the kitten belonged to anyone or if they knew who the mother might be. While she was querying them, one of Snowball’s kittens, a little fella named Ginger, scampered outside and through the gate.

The small orange fur ball then proceeded to gently place the kitten in his mouth and attempted to drag/carry the infant into the house. While Ginger had to stop a number of times due to the new kitten’s weight as compared to his own, he was surely on a mission and wouldn’t give up until he’d attained his goal!

cat fostering kitten
Photo: YouTube/BazPaws

Nurturing Instinct Among Animals

That “goal” was to save the baby from certain death in “the wild” by bringing it to his mama so she could help care for it. Initially, Snowball sniffed the new arrival, unsure of its origins. In the meantime, an anxious Ginger stood watching nearby, unable or unwilling to move until the verdict arrived. He wanted to be sure that his mother would accept her before he made another move.

When Snowball eventually pulled the baby toward her and snuggled her closely, Ginger finally seemed to relax. But it was when the infant started nursing that Ginger seemed over the moon with joy at her decision to foster the youngster. It turns out that even kittens know that sharing is caring.

Check out the video of their incredibly sweet interactions posted below.


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